What we do

The Bible talks about Christians being committed to serving one another. We agree and work with other Green Pastures partners to house and care for the homeless in our locality.
We receive housing referral forms from various homeless agencies, we interview the Referrals, we do their needs assessment, if our criteria are met, we decide to house the Referrals, through our paid staff and the volunteer team we assist the residents with managing bills, family advice, claiming benefits, training, accessing employment, we support our residents to move on into their own Council flats, private rented accommodation and more.
Also through our Christian lifestyles, we demonstrate the love of Christ, we pray for our residents, if any one of them is willing to listen or any opportunity presents itself, we share the Gospel with them with the aim of leading them to Jesus. 

Our aims and objectives  can be summarized thus:

  1. To accommodate
  2. To support
  3. To transform the lives and
  4. To restore the homeless people to better lives