Gilgal Services CIC Supported Accommodation Eligibility Criteria

Gilgal Services CIC Supported Accommodation Eligibility Criteria

Referral Criteria of our Supported Accommodation 

To refer a person to us for supported accommodation they MUST meet the following criteria: Male

1. Must be eligible to receive Housing Benefit
2. Minimum Age: 18 years 
3. Maximum Age: 50 years 
4. Must have support needs
5. Must be willing to abide by the house rules and regulations 
6. Must not be using a controlled drug (this includes Cannabis and legal highs) 
7. Must not be a very active alcohol addiction 
To Obtain Our Referral Form
Our Referral Form is available on request.
1. You can call 07956383870 for a firm to be sent to you.
2. You can fill out the form below to request for a form.
3. You can email to request for a form.
The form must be FULLY filled out with details. The form will not be accepted if there is no adequate information. Please one word answers must be avoided.

The form must have typed answers – handwritten forms will not be accepted

No-one will be considered without an adequately completed referral form. 

All FULLY completed referral forms to be emailed to:

Or posted to our registered office address,

76 Truro Road,



DA12 5RF