Volunteer to work with us

Becoming A Volunteer

There are three steps are involved in becoming a volunteer at Gilgal CIC:

Step 1: Initial application

Prospective volunteers should familiarise themselves with Gilgal CIC’s aims and objectives which we require all volunteers to respect.

Next, they should look at the different Gilgal CIC Teams to see which area(s) are of interest.

To apply, applicants should ensure they have a working email address and complete Gilgal CIC Volunteer Application Form.

Step 2: Training

All applicants must attend our organised training  Those who want to work in the pastoral team, support workers or spiritual counsellors will need to attend a further course specifically for this roles.

The general volunteer session covers:

  • Overview: Ethos of Gilgal; why we do it; and the importance of prayer
  • How Gilgal is structured and what’s involved in the different teams
  • Responsibilities of volunteers and our responsibility to you
  • How to interact with residents
  • Dealing with resident issues
  • Questions

If an applicant is interested in volunteering, references will be followed up after which they will be asked to sign a volunteer agreement form.

For volunteers interacting with residents this reference must be from a Church minister or professional person. It may also include a DBS check, depending on the role being applied for.

Step 3: Acceptance

Once references have been followed up, applicants will then be informed as to whether they have been accepted or rejected. Successful applicants will be referred to as Gilgal volunteers and their details entered onto the appropriate Gilgal team rota system

Currently Available Volunteers Jobs
  • Food Team.  This team helps us to deliver food items for our residents from time to time. A volunteer with a personal car is preferable.
  • Prayer Team. This team prays on a regular basis for the work of Gilgal CIC and is vital to our success.

Pastoral Team. Who deal with individual resident issues and links them with appropriate agencies.

  • Support Team. This team help us to provide necessary assistance to our residents such as filling the necessary forms, signposting them to the appropriate agencies, assisting the residents to do shopping and so on.
  • Maintenance Team. This team helps us to do the basic maintenance jobs in our properties and help us to liaise with the Contractors for any major or professional works in our properties.
  • Administrative Team. This team helps us to do the administrative jobs ranging from organising the volunteer rota, contacting the Housing Benefit for our residents, replying to emails, etc.
Do you have what it takes to be a volunteer? Then contact us today!