“Roll away the reproach of homelessness”

Gilgal CIC is an organisation inspired by God to help, support and to tackle the problem of homelessness in our community in partnership with Green Pastures and the other partners all around the UK.

One of the Directors has been dealing with the homeless people since 1999 while working with the Salvation Army for 11years. Due to the passion of one of the Directors of Gilgal, he started his own homeless project in 2010 and with some volunteers from his Church, Christ Apostolic Church, Solution Centre, they formed a partnership with the Green Pastures in 2014.

To the glory of God, through this ministry, many homeless people have had their own houses, many have come off benefits and are working now, many lives have been transformed, some have been set free from alcohol and drug addictions, free from debts and few have come to have relationship with Jesus.